No Blood (3)

“Look who we have here,” she smiled warily. “It is quite an age.”

“Do not tell me you are surprised to see me.” He tried pulling her into a lover’s embrace but she sidestepped him.

“Do not do that again, please.” Her self-control around him surprised her because in the early days of her marriage, she could hardly keep him out of her mind. Many times, she dreamed of how she would lock him in an embrace whenever they had a chance to run into each other. “So, what brings you to my side of town?”

He wanted to enter her stall but she stood firm at the entrance, clearly hinting that she did not want him getting too comfortable around her.

“It seems you are not happy to see me,” he complained.

“I am not sad to see you.”

“What is with the cold reception, my love? Did I offend you?” He held her hand. She snatched it back. “I know I should have come around before now but I thought to give you some space to adjust to your new life. You surely cannot blame me for that, can you?”

She sighed. She needed to make him understand that old things had passed away. “First, do not call me your love or any pet name. That is for my husband only. Second, thank you for giving me space to adjust to my new life. As you can see, I am still adjusting, which means I need more space, lots of it.”

“In other words, I am not welcome here. Is that what you are saying?”

“I am saying you cannot just show up on my doorstep without invitation. Look, I am now a married woman. You know that already.”

“Wow.” He clapped for effect. “How time flies! Were you not the same girl begging me to take you away from the old cargo you were being married off to? Now you flaunt same man in my face. What happened to the girl I used to know?”

“That was then. This is now. Things are no longer the same. The girl you used to know is married and has made her peace with that.”

He sneered.

“By the way, do not speak like that about my husband again. Have some respect, please.”

He burst into laughter, hardly able to contain his disbelief at how much she had changed. “I would believe this act of yours if I did not know how much you detest this husband of yours. Are you saying all these because of this stall?” He looked the stall over with disgust.

“Are you finished? If this is what you came to say, you may now leave. Your point is noted.” She reached for the door of the stall.

He stopped her. “Not so fast, my darling. You and I have unfinished business and that is why I am here.”

“I have no business with you. Whatever we had is long gone and buried.”

“I do not think so. We are lovers.”

“We were lovers. Past tense, mister. We were lovers before I got married and that is all in the past now.”

“Yes, we were lovers while you were betrothed to someone else and I had the honour and privilege of taking your virginity,” he laughed mirthlessly.

“Did you really take my virginity? There was no blood, remember?” It was her turn to sneer.

His eyes narrowed. “You told me…”

“I told you nothing!” She quickly cut him short. “There was no blood and that is it. I bled on my matrimonial bed. You did not take my virginity, I gave it to my husband. Do you understand?”

“Okay. I see that this is how you want to play the game. I know what you told me. I even confirmed it myself.” Her eyes flickered. He noticed. “Oh yes! Do not think you are the only smart one here. I confirmed from that lady teacher myself.”

She did not like where this was going. “What do you want?”

He flashed a grin. “Now, you are talking. What I want is very simple – let us continue our love affair.”

“That is crazy! I am married!!”

“That makes it more fun, my love. The adventure will be out of this world. You remember the thrill of meeting in hideouts?”

“That was then. I am now a responsible married woman. No deal.”

He blew a fuse. “No deal? Well then, let us hear what your husband has to say when he finds out that another man took your virginity. I hope you are ready for the disgrace of your life when he discovers that you are a fraudster. The fake blood you presented during your wedding ceremony will not save you this time.”

He stormed off. She stood perplexed, looking like she had just been hit by a cyclone. He was not making an empty threat, she knew that much about him. In the past, she would not think twice before jumping on the offer. Now, she could not even bring herself to think about it. She truly cared for her husband.

If she did not get rid of this blast from the past, she would definitely be ruined. Her husband would disdain her. She knew that her virginity was one of the things that endeared her to him. If he found out about the scam, he would hate her forever. She tried negotiation, offering money and anything but an affair. It did not work. “No love affair, no deal,” he told her flatly and gave her a week ultimatum.

She thought of telling her mother. Her mother would know what to do but the solution was sure to be another shady way out. She did not want that. It was clear to her that once a cover up is initiated, one would keep covering up till eternity and the truth would still surface eventually. She decided to tell her husband everything. She already made a resolve to never accept her former lover’s offer and she knew what that meant: her husband was bound to find her out. If he found out anything about her, she wanted it to be from her, not any other source. “One can only die once,” she encouraged herself, “I will tell him all he needs to know and if I perish, I perish.”

To be cont’d…

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