No Blood (4)

That evening, she chose his merry moment to spill the beans. She felt that might cushion the effect of what she was about to tell him. After exchanging some pleasantries, she went for the kill and spilled everything.

She told him how she hated the idea of being married to him and how she gave herself to someone else in protest. She also told him about the blood but left her mother out of the plot – she had no intention of dragging her mother in the mud with her. A palpable silence hung between them after the confession. She held her breath as she waited for him to respond. She expected him to shout and cuss at her but nothing prepared her for what came out of his mouth.

“I knew about the blood,” he said.

What? He knew?? How???

“You knew? I do not understand,” she stammered.

“Yes. I knew that blood was not as a result of wedding night copulation but I did not know how it came about. All I knew was that you saved the day for me and I never bothered to ask why you did it.”

She assessed him with confused eyes. What was he talking about? How did she save the day for him? “I still do not understand. How did I save the day for you?”

He sighed deeply. “What I am about to say is not common knowledge.”

“Your secret is safe with me, my husband.”

“You saved the day because there was no way I could have been strong enough to break through, not to talk of drawing blood. You must have noticed that I can barely get it up and I finish even before I start.”

His dejected look broke her heart.

“You see, back in the days, my sexual agility was second to none. Women flocked around me. However, over a year ago, I had a strange illness that greatly affected me and I could no longer satisfy my wives in the bedroom, same way I have not been able to satisfy you.”

“My husband, I am not complaining. We can work around it,” she whispered.

His gaze was a mixture of love and curiosity. “You have never complained and I wonder why. I have not heard the last of it from my other wives. I expected constant nagging from you but you have been so good to me. I do not deserve you, my special one.”

“You have been extremely good to me too. I guess one good turn deserves another.”

They laughed.

“I am also curious,” she continued. “Since you knew you had this problem, why did you proceed to marry another wife? How did you intend to obtain proof of virginity?”

“My special one, your father used you as collateral when he wanted to take a loan from me. Since I was still very agile then, I gladly accepted. Having a fresh young lady as wife was an offer I could not reject then. When he could not repay, he begged me to take you. The agreement was that I would marry you without paying a dime as bride price.”

A small cry escaped her lips.

“I know this must be horrible for you to hear. I am so sorry for what we did to you but my love, you are truly the best thing that has happened to me and I will always be here, loving you forever. Please believe that, my special one.”

They talked more into the night and he told her how he had planned to handle the “no blood” situation that would have emerged after their wedding night. His plan was to blame failure to produce proof of virginity on alcohol induced non-performance over the night, then persuade her father to allow them skip that part of the ceremony. Luckily for him, he found blood. He did not care how it came about, he simply used it to his advantage.

A week later, her ex-lover came calling.

To be cont’d…

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