No Blood (5)

“You are not welcome here,” she regarded him with cold eyes, “I thought I made that clear the other day.”

Her confidence surprised him because he expected her to be jittery. He was so sure that he would get what he came for this time.

“It seems you are no longer interested in your marriage,” he mocked.

She laughed at him. “Look, I am not interested in any form of quarrel with you but if you do not leave me alone, you will have my husband to contend with.”

He turned red. “Your husband will be thanking me for exposing your shameless actions by the time I am through with you.”

“Is that a threat?”

Lover boy spun around to see where the male voice bellowed from. He found himself face to face with Alaran.

Alaran towered over him. “Young man, are you threatening my wife?”

He stepped back and hit a solid frame. Without looking back, he knew a man was definitely standing behind him. Where did these men appear from?

“No-nooo-oo sir,” he stammered, “I, I, am no-no-ot threatening her, sir.”

“I heard you say you would do something to her. What was that about?”

“No-nothing sir. I did not say so, sir.”

“I thought I also heard you saying you would tell me something. Well, I am here now. What do you want to tell me, young man?”

He felt his lung constricting. He was trapped between two solid frames. He was surely going to faint, that is if they did not knock him out with a blow in the first place. He felt the first rush of hot urine making its way down one leg of his trousers.

“It was a joke, sir. I was just joking with her. I used to know her from way back and it was a joke we used to share then, sir.”

“I see,” Alaran moved closer, “I thought you had something against her that you wanted me to know. You are trying to blackmail my wife, yes?”

“No sir, please sir.”

He continued pissing on himself. At some point, he had felt something poking him from behind and he was sure it was a gun or another deadly weapon. He wished the ground would just swallow him. It was clear that she had told her husband everything. If he knew things would turn out this way, he would have sat this one out. “I should have taken the money she offered,” he lamented to himself, “now, I have lost on all sides and my life is hanging on a balance. Only God knows the witchcraft she used on her husband.”

When Alaran saw that he was thoroughly terrified, he gave him a stern warning to disappear from his wife’s life and never bother her again.

“Young man, if you ever come near her again, you will have me to contend with. Do you understand?”

“I will never come near her again,” he was badly shaken that he had started crying, “please sir, let me go, my mother is waiting for me at home.”

Alaran stepped back an inch. The solid frame behind him shifted, but he did not wait to figure out the man’s next move, he took the inch Alaran gave him and sped away for miles without looking back.


Life as Alaran’s wife went smoothly. He adored her and did not hesitate to show her in every possible way. He even visited the local clinic and started treatment regimen for erectile dysfunction. Indeed, business in the other room became better than it used to be but pregnancy was not forthcoming; something she longed for more than anything.

To be cont’d…

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