No Blood (7)

She promised herself that her mother would be kept out of her matrimonial matters as much as possible but she was almost at her wits end and she needed her mother’s counsel.

“Mama, I do not know what to do again,” she lamented, “I am sure he does not want more children.”

Her mother sighed. “You have to keep trying, my child.”

“I should keep trying? Mama, is that all you have to say?”

“What can I say? I cannot go and drag your husband, can I? Besides, you have not been married that long, you will get pregnant with time. Just keep trying.”

She was disappointed. She thought her mother would come up with a brilliant solution to her dilemma but here she was, telling her to keep trying. What more could she do? It was clear as day that her husband was not interested in what she was interested in.

“So, I am left to my fate? After you and papa put me in this situation, you cannot even come up with a way to help me out?”

“What are you talking about?” Her mother asked. “How did we put you in this situation? Are we God, the giver of children?”

“Well, if you had not forced me to marry an old man who already had all the children he wanted, I would not be stuck with a husband who does not care whether I have children of my own,” she pouted.

“My child, have you forgotten how good your life has been since you married Alaran? Were you not expressing gratitude just the other day?”

“My life would be far better with a child of my own, something my husband does not want. He is selfish. You are all selfish.”

Tears rolled down her cheeks. She wanted to scream at her mother but she refrained. That would not solve her problem, anyway. She was just so frustrated that her mother could not come up with some elaborate plan on how to get her husband to show more interest in her quest for a child. All she wanted was for him to join her in seeking solution and the fact that he was not bothered broke her heart into tiny pieces.

“Do not say that, my child.”

Her mother moved closer and touched her face, trying to wipe her tears but she moved away. She needed an action plan, not pity party.

“It is the truth, mama. You did not think of me when you were hatching your plan to marry me off, did you?”

“Child, how were we to know you would have difficulty getting pregnant? Alaran is fertile, he has children. I believe you are fertile too, it is just a matter of time. It does not happen for everyone immediately.”

She huffed.

“Even if you got married to a younger man,” her mother continued, “there is no guarantee that you would not have similar experience.”

“A younger man would be enthusiastic about finding a solution because he would be eager to father a child,” she retorted.

“You are right, my child. However, like I said earlier, it is a matter of time. Just keep trying.”

“For how long, mama?”

“It will not be too long, my child. I promise. I will intensify my prayers for you.”

As she headed home, an idea dropped. “Why not talk to my senior wives? They might have strategies I could use.” Her relationship with her senior wives was not exactly rosy but they were also not Tom and Jerry. They all related courteously with one another. The idea settled firmly and she made up her mind to stop by their apartment before heading to hers.

She approached the door to the large building that housed her senior wives and their children. She made a move to knock and heard her name.

To be cont’d…

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