No Blood (8)

The senior wives were having a conversation and it seemed like one of them just mentioned her name. Was she the subject of their conversation or her name just happened to drop into their gist? Perhaps it was not her, probably a name sake. She tiptoed to the window so she could see them and listen well. Alaran’s second and third wives sat across each other, engrossed in their conversation.

“Do not mind that one, she thinks she can have our husband to herself,” the third wife quipped, “well, let us see how she does that without a child.”

An invisible arrow pierced her heart. They were clearly talking about her and mocking her childless status. Although they were not best of friends, she did not expect such negativity from any of the senior wives. She had never tried to keep Alaran away from them, neither had she crossed them in any way. She always went about her business with care and treated them respecfully whenever they had occasion to interact. Why would they scorn her in such mirthless way? What did she do to deserve that kind of attitude from them? She turned to leave. Listening to them would only shred what was left of her fragmented heart.

“Do not be naive,” the second wife countered, “she is young and fertile. It is only a matter of time before she gives him as many children as he wants, then all his attention will finally be on her and her children.”

“Fertility, my left buttock!” Alaran’s third wife burst into humourless laughter.

She stopped in her tracks. What did her husband’s third wife mean by that statement? She returned to the window. She needed answers and it appeared like she was about to get what she came for.

“How do you mean? Do you have information about her? Is her womb destroyed from past abortions?”


She fought the urge to accost them. How dare these women make such malicious innuendos about her?

“I am not referring to her, I am referring to our husband.”

“What about him?”

“He is no longer fertile.”

“What did you say?”

“I said he only shoots blanks these days, that is if he can manage to finish.”

“Come on!” Alaran’s second wife waved off the idea. “He may not be as virile as he used to be but to say he is infertile is going too far.”

The third wife scoffed.

“Okay,” second wife continued, “if you claim he is infertile, how do you explain him having children? I know I did not play away match. Did you?”

“God forbid,” third wife exclaimed, “I did no such thing.”

“How did you arrive at your conclusion?”

“He told me.”

“He did what? Tell me you are joking.”

“No, I am not joking. Why do you think I have only one child?”

“I have no idea. I try to mind my business.”

“Well, our beloved husband could not get me pregnant again because of his fertility problem.”

The second wife was not totally convinced. “I would blame that on his non-existing performance than infertility. You cannot expect that kind of performance to lead to pregnancy.”

“It is beyond that my senior,” the third wife responded. “That strange illness left him completely useless in the reproductive department. When I almost frustrated his life with demands for another child, he confessed to me. He can no longer impregnate a woman. His swimmers are useless. Thankfully, I have a male child. What would have been my lot?” She put hands on her bosom for effect.

Thud. A lizard dropped from the lintel and scurried away but the sound was enough to attract attention to her. She quickly moved from the window to avoid being discovered, her heart thumping in her chest.

To be cont’d…

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