Social Media Etiquette (5)


Virtual communication shouldn’t be so different from face-to-face communication. That you’re behind some gadget and can’t see the person you’re communicating with (vice versa) is not reason for you to lose courtesy or throw politeness outta the window.

Imagine you walking up to someone you have never met before and saying, “Hey, are you Lágbájá omo Tàmèdò,” do you think you’d get a favourable response? Actually, because the person can see your face, they’d most likely size you up and decide how they wanna respond (don’t hope for a favourable response just yet) but imagine, just imagine your masked self walking up to a stranger and striking up such conversation👆🏽…what do you think would happen?

Ehen, daiz exactly how it is when faceless you (remember this person doesn’t know you from Adam) slides into someone’s DM/PC and tries to start a conversation without proper introduction. Pardon me, but it is mannerless, to say the least, and it has nothing to do with age…etiquette cuts across all and sundry.

When you find yourself in someone’s DM/PC for the first time, don’t just say “hello” and keep mute, expecting them to engage you in a conversation. Just like the riquid metal himself would say: “Who are you? Who you be? Who you? Where you from come? Etc😜😂. In other words, go ahead and introduce yourself. That’s the proper thing to do. Courtesy demands that you do so. And while at it, don’t get all cozy and familiar, it trips some off. Apply some tact.

Meanwhile, what do you make of this chat? Some people felt hanty Dewumi went overboard with her response, some said the yèyénátù with no manners deserved the “history lesson”🤪. Me, ayam jes going my going🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️.

DM – Direct Message

PC – Personal Chat

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