A Journey of A Thousand Miles…

When I first considered using braces, I asked a family doctor (also a dentist) if braces would yield expected results for me, especially as an adult. He said, “Yes, but you might have to wear ’em for about 2 years.” In my mind, I was like, “Osanobua! Odún méjì gbáko😳😱!!”

A year and few months later, I found myself wearing braces😜. Yeah, it took some time to finally take the leap. While I didn’t discard the idea, I also didn’t follow up until I stumbled on a dental page on IG and saw “before and after” pictures. After the first orthodontic consultation, I had to remove an impacted molar, take time to heal, prepare my mind, count cost, àti bê bê lo. Well, it’s been 13 months (braces fixed on December 14, 2019), and here we are😁.

Lemme encourage you (and myself) with the proverb that says, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” In 2021, lerrus try hard to muster the courage and take that first step towards the achievement of our goals. Olúwa á fún wa se🙏🏽.

In another vein, before I got braces, when I see some people wearing braces, I’d wonder why because to me, their dentition was perfectly okay and didn’t need orthodontic intervention. I now understand because if I didn’t know Ayotunde before and I’m just meeting her now🤪, I’d probably think same, not knowing that it’s taken her 13 long months to get to that state.

Most times, we don’t know people’s stories (except they tell us or we hear from an authentic source). We don’t know where they’re coming from or what they’ve had to do/go through to get to where they are. We don’t even know what they are currently going through. We just see outward expressions and we draw conclusions (in different ranges). We can draw lots of inferences from this reality but right now, the one wey me wan talk be say for 2021, “Thou shall not compare thineself to another. Focus on thine own race, run it with perseverance, and thou shall reach thine goal.”

Amen somebori😘.

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